Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Lifekive subscription? The Lifekive subscription includes weekly question prompts for the storyteller, storage of your stories and photos, and the printing and shipping of one custom full-color hardcover book. 

Can I get additional copies of the book?

Yes, additional book copies are available for $59/each. You can add extra copies to your order when you purchase the Lifekive subscription.

When do I print the book?.

After you have submitted answers for at least 25 prompts, you will be able to print your book whenever you choose. We recommend collecting at least a year's worth of stories before printing. There is no deadline for printing your book and no limit to the amount of stories that can be included. 

What does the memory book look like?

Your memory book will be 6x9, hardcover with a colored cover. The inside will have colored or black text and colored photos. You can customize your font type/color, page layout, and cover design/title when you review and send your book to print.

Can I review and make changes to my memory book before it's printed?

Yes! We encourage you to make any edits to the written memories, add photos, customize the font, and personalize your cover before you send it to print so it best reflects you and your special memories.

Will my loved one be able to do this?

We make it super easy to respond to the prompts. Just reply to the email, type your answer, and attach any photos you want. You can also edit any parts of the books and add photos when you review it before we print it. 

What are the question prompts like?

Our weekly prompts ask thought provoking questions about all aspects of one's life, their childhood, family, work, experiences, hobbies and more! 

How do I submit a story or photos for my book?

Click "reply" to the email with the prompt you want to answer, then type your story into the body of the email. You can attach photos to the email as well. When you are done writing your story, hit "send" to submit. 

Do I have to answer the prompts immediately?

Absolutely not! The best stories take time to tell. There is no deadline whatsoever to respond to the prompts. You will get a new one each week, but you can go back and respond to older email prompts at any time. 

What if there's a question I don't know how or don't want to answer?

Skip it! This is your story so you are welcome to just answer the prompts that are relevant to you! We'll send you a new prompt the next week. 

Can I change or add to my answers later?

Of course! To change or edit a response, simply reply to the prompt email again with your changes. You will also be able to change or edit your stories when you review your book before printing.

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